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A smaller division of DEATHS resides here. It isn't well known, nor is it that important, but there have been a few starter projects that reside here. Some involving the process of evolution. Of course, one of their more notable things was ... well, the successful creation of one of the Vanir.

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Well known for taking other's inventions and making them more efficient, Japan has always been a rather popular place. Buying a place here can be rather costly though. It has been said that their Emperor was the descendant of a one of children of Yggdrasil, now whether this is true or not is a different story.

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by Leomon
May 16, 2011 13:10:55 GMT -8
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One of the major powers, Russia is not one to push around. They've had their cold war with the United States once before and only recently began rebuilding relations with them. The land is still seeped with conspiracy as there have been rumors of people missing that "know" things.

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